Déambulons mixes the natural lines of bamboo with contemporary design

Déambulons creations

At Déambulons, we try to combine the natural lines of bamboo with contemporary design, in a spirit of respect of our environment.

Bamboo cocoons, interior design, exterior scenography, sculptures, lights, etc.: bamboo is an infinite source of inspiration! We try to take advantage of all the qualities of bamboo, with patience and expertise. This fantastic material is flexible, light and incredibly strong.

We make creations with soft and airy shapes and with pleasant and natural curves, inspiring serenity and relaxation. Our products are custom designed to meet our customers’ needs and wants.

Déambulons’ creations are particularly aimed at architects, designers, daring scenographers, at companies concerned about the working environment and well-being of their staff, at professional landscapers looking for a rare expertise in Europe, and at private individuals looking for originality and comfort.

If you are looking for an original, contemporary and pleasant living space, you should definitely contact us!

Bamboo at the service of Space and Furniture Ecodesign.

Unique and custom-made bamboo cocoons at the edge of a swimming pool

Bamboo cocoons

Déambulons designs unique and custom-made bamboo cocoons. They are peaceful and pleasant spaces where you can revitalize yourself, thanks to their virgin and raw materials. Their natural and harmonious curves give a distinctive character to your living or working space.

A designed and life-size elephant made with bamboo for a festival

Outdoor Scenography

Natural architectures with soft and airy shapes, meeting the needs of temporary or permanent structures such as domes, roofs, sculptures, totems or structures for vines.

Model of a monumental bamboo structure for event and space layout

Interior Space Design

Bamboo enables us to fully redesign an interior space. Furniture, wall or ceiling coverings, partitions, big cocoons, sculptures or exhibition stands: we can meet the needs of architects, decorators, scenographers, designers and design agencies.

Interior space design with this bamboo tree with LED lighting system

Custom-made Lights

We design ethereal and contemporary pendant lights, with soft curves evoking lightness and tranquillity. From a simple hanging lamp above a dining table to a monumental ceiling light in a hotel hallway, our custom-made lights allow the most intricate shapes and the most daring dimensions.

Custom-made bamboo cocoon
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