Our projects

Custom-made lights in bamboo - Carrières de lumières restaurant - Déambulons

Manufacture of luminaires for the Café des Carrières in Les Carrières de Lumières. A collection of a dozen pieces of which the largest measuring two meters in diameter.

Bamboo cocoon in a suite of the Mi Hotel in Lyon - Déambulons

Creation and assembly on site of a bamboo cocoon in the Jungle Suite of the Mi Hôtel, a new connected hotel concept in Lyon.

Canopy on pedestrian footbridge, bamboo weaving - Déambulons

In February 2017, Déambulons created a major construction work in Terra Botanica: a covering in bamboo netting for a footbridge.

A designed and life-size elephant made with bamboo for a festival

Life-Size Elephant – Park of Wesserling – Alsace

As part of the 14th annual Les Jardins Métissés Festival, taking place in the Park of Wesserling and on the theme of Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days, Déambulons designed and made a life-size elephant, inspired by the French novel.

Interior space design with this bamboo tree with LED lighting system

Illuminated Tree – L’Atenium Bar- Lyon

We created a huge bamboo tree for the layout of the beer and board game bar L’Atenium. The tree is inspired by Tolkien’s novels. A LED lighting system is integrated into the branches and into the trunk to illuminate them from the inside.

Custom-made pendant lights in braided bamboo to decorate tents

Custom-made Lights – Barnum Event

Creation of six custom-made pendant lights in braided bamboo to layout the bamboo tents made by Barnum Event (specialist in events staging and layout).

Arrangement of a Tea House with a custom-made bamboo cocoon

Arrangement of a Tea House – Les jardins de Gaïa – Alsace

Les Jardins de Gaïa is the most important distributor of organic and fair trade tea in France. Déambulons designed a custom-made cocoon and a display rack made from laminated bamboo for the tea house.

Bamboo cocoons integrated into spaces of a high school : Hub Café, ...

The Cocoons – Creativity Learning Hub – EM Lyon

The Creativity Learning Hub of the business school EM Lyon is an inventive learning and connectivity space, open to every student. The cocoons are integrated into the many spaces dedicated to relaxation and work: silent rooms, brain bubbles, gaming room, Hub Café, etc.

Cocoons give a touch of originality and natural to the restaurant

The Cocoons – Fourvière Hotel **** – Lyon

The Fourvière Hotel **** is ideally located, above the Roman amphitheatres, near the Basilique. It is located in an old convent of the Visitation, built by Bossan in 1854. We were given the privilege of assembling some of our cocoons in the garden, the patio and the porch.

Creation of a giant bamboo structure covered with coloured fabrics.

Big Shade Structure – Les Amanins – Drôme

We created a big structure for the 10th anniversary of the agroecology center Les Amanins. Cofounded by Pierre Rabhi, this center is designed to link agricultural production with respect for the environment and for biodiversity.

Prototype of big bamboo structures designed for event scenography

Big Canopy Structure, 300m2 – Prototype – Indre

This prototype was made to test different assembly techniques for this kind of big structures designed for event scenography.

Big bamboo cocoon in the coworking space La Cordée Opéra in Lyon

A Big Cocoon – Coworking Space La Cordée – Lyon

Design of a big cocoon (2,5×2,5x3m) for the opening of the coworking space La Cordée Opéra. La Cordée is a convivial and kindly community of freelancers who gather in the 8 different co-working spaces located everywhere in France.

Bamboo cocoons integrated into the Entrepreneurship Fair 2015

The Cocoons – Lyon CCI

The bamboo cocoons were integrated into the Entrepreneurship Fair 2015, at the centre of the grand main room.

Design and creation of a bar for outdoor event and festival

Creation of a Bar –L’Avide Jardin Festival – Alsace

This community volunteering project lasted 5 days and aimed at creating a bar for the event L’Avide Jardin, festival gathering artists, villagers, associations, companies, local food producers around Visits and Shows.

Bamboo cocoons in the relaxation area of the Nuits Sonores festival

The Cocoons – Nuits Sonores – Lyon

Created in 2003, the Nuits Sonores is a festival of electronic, independent, digital and pictorial cultures and is a decoder of innovative cultures.

Bamboo cocoons highlighted during the exhibition European LAB

The Cocoons – European LAB – Lyon

The Cocoons were highlighted during the exhibition European LAB, which consists in imagining the future of culture in this context of crisis and change that all societies are living.

Bamboo cocoon in the rooftop relaxation area of a cultural site (Lyon)

Relaxation Lounge – Le Sucre – Lyon

Le Sucre is a cultural site located on the roof of the Sucrière, in Lyon. Le Sucre hosts clubs, conferences, concerts and aperitifs all year long.

Model of a monumental bamboo structure for event and space layout

Big Structure Model – Prototype – Déambulons

Déambulons created this model of a monumental structure designed for event and space layout.

Model of a monumental bamboo structure for event and space layout

Big Structure Model – Prototype – Déambulons

Déambulons created this model of a monumental structure designed for event and space layout.

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