Covered Footbridge – Terra Botanica

In February 2017, Déambulons created a major construction work in Terra Botanica: a covering in bamboo netting for a footbridge.

26 metres long, 3 metres high, 6 metres wide, i.e. nearly 5 kilometres of bamboo slats.

In Angers, in the plant-themed amusement park Terra Botanica, you will learn everything about the history of the last six centuries, beginning with King René and his famous flower gardens. You will contemplate the richness of Anjou, botanical capital and land of many cultures, and discover the world through the 275 000 plant species and the exceptional collections of orchids, roses, palm trees, etc. Big greenhouses, luxuriant gardens, paddy fields, marshes, lush vegetable gardens, gloomy old-growth forests, Mediterranean and Oriental landscapes etc.: get set for an unusual and colourful adventure!

Canopy on pedestrian footbridge, bamboo weaving - Déambulons
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