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About us

Déambulons is a workshop specialized in space design and in creating custom-made bamboo structures.

All made in Lyon, from bamboos of French origin only, our products are designed to create beautiful, pleasant and unique living spaces.

Between furniture, scenography and land art, our layout solutions provide any home, workplace or event with a distinctive character: they are simultaneously natural through the material and modern through the design.

Driven by a sustained passion for design and architecture, we make bamboo cocoons (awarded Label Janus from the Institut Français du Design), airy shaped lamps, monumental structures, sculptures and interior layout solutions. Our bamboo products are unrestricted, thanks to the extraordinary properties of this plant: strength, flexibility, lightness, beauty.

Bespoke Bamboo Design, Made in France :

Innovative, Beautiful and Enduring!

Our story

The story of Déambulons started in 2003, in Thailand. There, Jean-Baptiste Dubois get to know bamboo for two years, while immersed in the Karen people: this experience on the other side of the world marked the beginning of the project. In 2015, he created the Atelier Déambulons in Lyon and offered his first creations.

Our values

View of our bamboo workshop in Lyon
In Déambulons’ DNA, you will find eco-design! All of our products are totally designed and handcrafted in France, from French bamboo. Besides, we work with local suppliers and service providers, in order to minimize our environmental impact.


Since the beginning, our company has grown well. You can now count on Guilhem, Hadrien, Jonathan and Arthur, along with Jean-Baptiste, to carry out your most ambitious projects, allways with a smile on their faces.

About bamboo

View of our bamboo workshop in Lyon
The morphological configuration of bamboo gives it some unique properties. In terms of strength, bamboo performs better than steel. Added to its flexibility and lightness, it makes it a high-quality material for construction. Bamboo grows very fast and doesn’t need many resources, which makes it a sustainable and environmental material.

The Workshop: Behind the Scenes

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